The Gurupriya Promise.

Finally Home.

At Gurupriya, we pride ourselves in maintaining warm, friendly relationships with all our home-buyers. We attribute this to our eager and open reception of feedback offered to us which forms the basis for our evolution as a customer centric organisation.

Hear it from our happy customers

Few other developers conduct themselves with the integrity I saw in K V Bhat, the Managing Director, a value that I saw reflected across the company representatives.

- Santosh Belagaje

The warmth and friendliness I have felt with Gurupriya has made my home buying experience truly memorable. In very few organisations will the CMD be as friendly and approachable as here.

- Dr. Shyam Belagaje

After a long search, we chose Gurupriya. It has turned out to be the right choice for us.

- Suma Prabhu

Living in a Gurupriya home, we have become part of a very warm andfriendly community.

- Reshma

I strongly suggest Gurupriya for anyone who is looking for value for moneywhile purchasing a home.

- Anu

The company’s evolution with the times, particularly due to theinvolvement of young, modern thinkers and managers like Pranav, the OperationsManager, is what made me choose a Gurupriya home.

- Amarnath Reddy

Gurupriya’s honesty and approachability are really endearing and setsit apart from the market.

- Rajesh Matti

The Mind and Body

The Company was founded in 1993 and is headed by four senior directors led by the Managing Director, K V Bhat. The other directors – T C Umapathy, Sudhakar Rao and Bhavani Bhat, are all technocrats and entrepreneurs in their own right.

By collaborating with top architectural firms like Srinivas & Khan, Verneker Associates and Destination Designs, Gurupriya has time and again produced eclectic apartments with a well-defined balance on aesthetics and utility.A young, spirited team forms the back-bone of the organization. From co-ordinating with the best legal and financial advisers, to directing and assisting the efforts of over 100 workmen across cities, our motivated team works tirelessly to ‘bring you home’ to Gurupriya.

K.V Bhat, Managing Director

Bhavani Bhat, Director

Shamathmika, Finance Manager

Pranav Bhat, Director

Prasanna Kammaje, Director

Mahantesh Kalagi, Accounts Manager

Girish H, Senior Resident Engineer

Ganesh T, Resident Engineer

Praveen, Resident Engineer

Keerthan, Resident Engineer

Tennis Guide

The promoters of Gurupriya, ardent believers in sport and the maintenance of good health, started Tennis Guide in 2004. Located in South Bangalore, Tennis Guide, a tennis academy primarily for kids, has been an on-going effort by K V Bhat, Bhavani Bhat, Shamathmika and Pranav. The latter two are former national level tennis players. Learn more about Tennis Guide here.